Insurance, Payment & Fees

Our current out-of-pocket rates vary depending on level of therapist (see below). We offer a lower out-of-pocket rate when working with resident therapists, and a discounted rate when working with counseling student interns. See below for our fees and insurances.

Clients are responsible for payments at the time of services. We accept payments through HSA cards, and all major credit cards. The fee for missing a scheduled appointment, or for cancelling with less than 24-hours notice is the full out-of-pocket session fee. Clients more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled session will be charged the missed appointment fee.

At Keystone Therapy Group, our therapists work in-network with some insurances, and out-of-network with others. Network participation varies by therapist level and credentialing status. You may view individual therapists on our About Us page. For billing and insurance questions, please email [email protected].

Licensed Counselors/Therapists

Licensed counselors have completed a Master's program in counseling practice or education, a 2+ year clinical residency, and passed the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam. Licensed counselors maintain their licenses in good standing with annual trainings and CEUs.

Out-of-pocket rates for licensed counselors are $175 per 50-minute session. Our licensed therapists are also in-network with a few insurances, and accept a discounted rate for clients using their benefits.

We are in-network with:

  • BCBS BlueChoice
  • BCBS CareFirst
  • BCBS CareFirst Federal
  • Cigna Behavioral Health (Cigna PPO)
  • Optum/United Behavioral Health
  • UMR

We are certified out-of-network providers with:

  • TriCare East

If you would like to use your insurance for therapy services, please first call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your coverage and payments for mental health psychotherapy services prior to scheduling an appointment. Clients are responsible for understanding their insurance coverage, session payments, copays and coinsurance. If a client meets with a therapist, and the insurance is found to be out-of-network or inactive, the client will be charged the full out-of-pocket session fee. *Note: most insurance plans restart annually, requiring clients to meet a deductible before having lower fees of a copay or cosinsurance. Fees paid to Keystone may increase at this time until deductibles are met.

To file for out-of-network reimbursement:

  1. Contact your insurance company to verify that they reimburse for out-of-network providers for mental health psychotherapy services. Make sure to specify the type of therapy you are seeking (individual, family, couples or group). *Note: career/college counseling is typically not covered or reimbursed by insurance unless filed with a mental health diagnosis.
  2. Billing will supply clients with a monthly super bill indicating dates of sessions and client payments made. Clients can then submit this to their insurance for reimbursement of a portion of the fees, as determined by their insurance plan.

Residents in Counseling

Residents in counseling have completed their Master's degree in counseling practice or education, and are currently in their 2+ year residency towards their license. All residents are under clinical supervision of a board approved Licensed Clinical Supervisor.

The out-of-pocket rate for resident therapists is $140 per 50-minute session. Resident therapists are able to accept Cigna PPO, BCBS Carefirst, and BCBS Carefirst Federal plans, as they are billed under a supervisor who is in-network.

Counseling Student Interns

Counseling student interns are currently in their graduate program pursuing a Master's degree in counseling practice or education. All student interns are under clinical supervision of a board approved Licensed Clinical Supervisor at Keystone, as well as a faculty supervisor with their degree program. The out-of-pocket rate for student therapists is $60 per 50-minute session. Reimbursement through insurance is not available when seeing an intern.