Why Keystone Therapy Group?

In architecture, a keystone refers to the central stone in the top of an archway, providing support, balance and strength to the arch.

In nature, elephants are referred to as a keystone species due to their role in providing support, balance and strength to their herd, as well as the surrounding ecosystem of plants and other animals.

At Keystone Therapy Group we believe in emulating the emotional characteristics of elephants in our therapy: compassion, empathy, support, communication and strength.


In-Person Sessions

Keystone Therapy Group is now offering in-person sessions to clients who are either fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or who agree to provide a negative COVID-19 test no more than 24-hours before each in-person session. More information can be found on our FAQs page.


Therapists at Keystone continue to provide sessions via HIPAA-Compliant telehealth programing. If you have questions regarding telehealth services, or need the online link to meet with your therapist for session, please email [email protected], or contact your individual therapist directly.

*Note: Due to restrictions in state licensing, we can only provide telehealth for clients located in Virginia at the time of services.

Next Steps

We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation for prospective clients to discuss our services, payment options and scheduling.  Please send us an email to schedule a consulation with one of our therapists.